Question on Addressing Whether a Student is Capable of Taking a Distance Learning Class

I received the following request for info from Sharon Parker at Broward Community College.  She has promised to compile all of the responses she receives from you and share them with ITC members (so please let her know if you wish to remain anonymous when you respond to her!).  She says that she welcomes responses from all schools, especially those which have recently addressed this topic for an accrediting agency visit. Thank you!!  Chris.The SACS Distance Education Policy Statement says that distance learning admissions and recruitment decisions should take into account the capability of students to succeed in distance learning programs. Many factors could impact a student’s ability to succeed (locus of control, technological skills, learning style preference, motivation, etc.).

1) How do you address or “take into account a student’s ability to succeed in distance learning as part of the admission/recruitment decision-making process”? Do you use some sort of assessment instrument or advising process?

2) Does the process/instrument you use screen or block students from taking a distance learning course in certain situations, or does it simply provide feedback to help students make informed decisions about their readiness for distance learning?

3) How do you prepare distance learning students to succeed before they enroll in a distance learning course?

Thanks in advance for your help. Have a terrific holiday!

Sharon K. Parker, Director, Flexible Learning
Broward Community College
3501 SW Davie Rd. (17/226), Davie, FL 33314
954-201-6567 (voice), 954-201-6398 (fax)

Please Note: Due to Florida’s very broad public records law, most written communications to or from College employees regarding College business are public records, available to the public and media upon request. Therefore, this email communication may be subject to public disclosure.

Question on Addressing Whether a Student is Capable of Taking a Distance Learning Class

Feedback from ITC Members: Classroom Proctor Descriptions

Mickey was kind enough to put together the responses he received from ITC members regarding description of duties for classroom proctors.  He also put the attachments on his Web site so you can easily access them.  Thanks to Mickey and to everyone who responded!  Chris.

Classroom Proctor Descriptions
compiled by Mickey Slimp, Northeast Texas Consortium of Colleges & Universities,, 903-877-7576

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College – Timothy Tirrell, Dean for Academic Services, 304-434-8000 ext 239,
– The first description is for any person at the access centers at the high schools. This description is for a person specifically supporting the compressed video courses we teach.

Florida Community College at Jacksonville – Julie Giuliani, Executive Dean of the Virtual College, 904-633-8415,
You may want to investigate the Florida Virtual School Web site, particularly the link for Teaching and Learning online.  It also includes an article that is worth reading.

Friends University – Janice Hilyard, Director, Online Programs, 316-295-5886,
Since you are assimilating information regarding this position, you will appreciate my personal experience in hiring proctors.

Illinois Central College – Patrice Hess, Coordinator, Instructional Technology, 309.694.5295,
I’m attaching our complete distance learning assistant job description. This is truly the “formal” description we have on file although we’re struggling a bit with our proctors right now! (I know the job can get quite tedious and boring.)

Northwestern Michigan College – Jenny Barnes, Flexible Learning Options Support Specialist, 231-995-1965,
Although we no longer use our interactive television system to send classes to high schools I do have the attached information from when we were doing it. This is the policy statement from Northwestern Michigan College. Please note that the fees mentioned are from years ago!

The Victoria College – Carol J. Henrichs, Director of Distance Education, 361-572-6481,
Here is a job description that we developed a few years ago. I have attached a PowerPoint presentation that I used as part of an orientation for our remote classroom facilitators.

Tyler Junior College – Jim Richey, English Instructor, 903-510-2468,
– I have an introductory letter that I give to all of my monitors at the first of the semester that gives a list of my expectations of them for the class throughout the semester. This has been very helpful both for them and me over the years.

Feedback from ITC Members: Classroom Proctor Descriptions